An Introduction to AI Chat Tools for Law Firms

We cover some of the basics around AI and chat tools available today, along with some live examples how a law firm could use this technology for marketing and intake.

An Introduction to AI Chat Tools for Law Firms

In this guide on AI tool basics, we will discuss the powerful capabilities of AI chat tools, their potential applications within law firms, and how they can streamline operations and increase productivity for your team.

Specifically, we will discuss OpenAI's GPT-4 and Google's Bard, two well-known AI models that can transform the way legal professionals perform their daily tasks.

We'll show a few marketing and intake examples that you can start using today.

We were originally planning on splitting this into 5 videos, but condensed the information down into a new one video format.


What are AI Chat Tools?

AI Chat tools are cutting-edge technology that leverage artificial intelligence to generate meaningful and responsive dialogue.

They're designed to understand, respond to, and even anticipate user input, making them incredibly useful for various tasks ranging from administrative duties to content creation to even interacting with potential customers.

OpenAI's GPT-4

One of the best-known tools in the world today is OpenAI's ChatGPT. It has different versions with the most powerful being GPT-4, available only for premium users. GPT-4 costs $20 per person per month, a price point that offers significant value for law firms given the array of tasks it can help with.

Here are some key points to consider:


Updated model: GPT-4 is the most updated model providing superior capabilities compared to the free version GPT-3.5.

Additional features: The premium version includes features such as web browsing and various plugins.

Versatile applications: GPT-4 can assist with a wide range of activities from drafting email responses to summarizing texts and PDFs.


Dependence on training data: The tool is only as good as the data it was trained on and can occasionally get things wrong.

Need for double-checking: While GPT-4 is a powerful tool, it's always important to verify the information it generates, especially in legal contexts.

Google's Bard

Another AI chat tool, currently in its beta stage, is Google's Bard. This tool is also gaining popularity, but one has to get on a waitlist to gain access.

Get on the waitlist here to test its features. Note this is only available to individual user Google accounts, not Google Workspace accounts at this time.

Practical Applications of AI Chat Tools

AI chat tools offer several practical applications that can help law firms save time and improve productivity. They can take on repetitive tasks, assist with marketing efforts, and help with customer intake.

Content Creation

One of the significant advantages of AI chat tools is their ability to assist with content creation. For example, with GPT-4, law firms can generate relevant topics for blog posts targeting specific audiences.

The tool can also provide subtopics and even structure them in a table format for better visualization and organization. Additionally, it can help create article outlines, providing a foundation that your team can take and get writing sooner.

However, it's important to remember that while AI can provide a solid starting point, it should not entirely replace human input.

The generated content needs to be edited and expanded upon to ensure it matches with the firm's current voice and provides a well-rounded perspective.

Customer Intake

AI chat tools can be utilized effectively on the intake side as well. They can be integrated as chatbots on the firm's website to answer informational questions.

AI tools can also generate intake questions, providing a good starting point for building or augmenting an existing questionnaire. The automation of these tasks can potentially lead to faster response times and reduced human error.

Like everything, double check the output to make sure the questions are the right ones you need to understand how to best help the customer.


In an increasingly competitive and digitized legal landscape, AI chat tools such as OpenAI's GPT-4 and Google's Bard offer game-changing solutions for law firms. They can handle basic tasks, freeing up your team to focus on critical aspects of their work.

Embrace these AI-powered tools, enhance efficiency, boost productivity, and ultimately, help your star performers thrive in your office.